Thursday, November 24, 2016

Crochet baby booties

A few years ago, my young friend Andjela (daughter of my oldest friend who I've known since kindergarten), probably thirteen at that time, had a little journal where she wrote every time she did something for the first time. It sounded so sweet to me to have a record of your first things, first experiences, first anything. I don't know if she still keep that journal, far away in Norway where she lives now, I will ask her, but if I had that kind of journal right now, I would wrote with great excitement that I made the first crochet baby booties! And that it was such a wonderful experience! They turned out so cute!

These baby booties I crocheted using this wonderful free pattern, from the lovely Hopeful Honey blog. Thank you Olivia for this awesome free pattern! I just changed the last row and added this simple crochet flower. If you'd like to make these booties in the way I did, I prepared this little photo tutorial to explain how I did it. I used 100% cotton yarn "Tango" for booties, and 100% cotton yarn "Golf" (both from St. George 125m/50g) for the flowers, and 3mm crochet hook. So, let's get started!

Here I first marked with a pin the middle of the bootee, and then I counted four stitches to the right and five stitches to the left, and marked these stitches with pins too, to determine where will go the strap.

Start the last row in the fourth sc to the right from the middle stitch. Attach yarn, make ch-1, then sc in the same stitch.

Make 1 sc in every stitch until you reach the beginning of the row.

Join with slip stitch to the first sc.

Make ch-5,

I marked with a pin the stitch where you should make sc.

Make sc in that stitch. Now, we're going to crochet back into ch-5 we just made. Look at the picture where you should start. It's the second chain from the hook.

Make slip stitch in the next 5 stitches.

Make slip stitch in the first sc.

Fasten off. Now, we just have to add a flower. 

You can add any crochet flower you want, but if you'd like to add the same flower as I did, I made this simple crochet flower photo tutorial just for you! You can use it in various other crochet projects, as well. 

We will start with a magic ring, so make ch-2 in the ring (counts as hdc)

Make 9 hdc in the ring. (10 stitches in total)

Pull the yarn tail and close the ring.

Now, we will make an invisible join. Cut the yarn and pull it through the stitch. Thread the tapestry needle. Skip the initial ch-2, and insert your needle below both loops of the next hdc, from back to front, and pull it through.

Insert the needle back, in the last hdc you made - through the back loop only, from front to back, and pull it through. 

Weave in yarn end. Now, we will continue to crochet in back loops only.

Insert new yarn (in back loop) and make ch-3. We will make hdc in the second and the third chain from the hook (marked with arrows in the picture).

Make hdc in the second and the third chain from the hook,

then make slip stitch in the back loop of the next hdc.

Continue making * ch-3, hdc in the second and third chain from the hook, slip stitch in the next hdc; Repeat from * 8 more times (you should have 10 petals). 

Now, you just have to sew on the flower to the booties. I marked with the arrow the place where you should place the flower. 

These cute crochet baby booties are so easy to make, so they can be a great Christmas gift if you have a baby in the family, or among your friends. 

Happy crocheting!


  1. What girl would not? Beautiful!

  2. So beautiful. Makes happy feet!

  3. So beautiful. Makes happy feet!

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