Doilies don't have to be boring!

When I fell in love with crochet I never thought that I would ever make any doilies. Making doilies was something my grandma did in the last century, not me in the twenty first century. But then I tried to make one, my blue and red doily, and actually, I loved it very much. I loved making it, and I absolutely loved how it turned out. Now, I believe that the world is a better place with doilies in it!

What I love about doilies. I love how easy they are to make. You just have to add one row after another. You can make it in only one color. And it will be simple, elegant and beautiful. You can make it in two colors, like I did with my blue and red doily. You can add as much colors as you like, and it will be interesting and happy and it will scream for your attention, but it will still be beautiful.

When I started this one, I didn't know how many colors I will use, nor how it will look when I finish it. I just pull out all of my doily threads and started.

Colors led the way and I followed. I started with purple, then came blue, followed by turquoise.

Then I took green, and decided to add some warm colors like yellow, orange, apricot and pink. And there it was, a rainbow!

I so much enjoyed this pattern that I decided to make one more doily, this time in only two colors, which will match my blue coffee table. And I stopped there, because while I was making the second doily I came up with an idea for the blanket, and now I'm making that blanket, instead of a pile of colorful doilies.

Speaking of colors, have you tried one of those beautiful coloring book for adults yet? I have, and I absolutely loved it. Mine is called Secret garden, and is full of amazing drawings of flowers, butterflies and other beautiful creatures. Check it out on Amazon, it's amazing!

Not to forget, I found the pattern for this beautiful doily in this gorgeous crochet book.