English Garden Baby Blanket

A long time ago I fell in love with English gardens. The culprit for that was Penelope Hobhouse, a famous British gardener. I enjoyed immensely watching her amazing TV gardening shows, while dreaming of having a beautiful, lush garden of my own. Now, many years after, I still don't have any garden, let alone an English garden. I live in a flat on the seventh floor... but, I have my beautiful plants on the balcony, my little piece of heaven. There I keep a ginkgo biloba tree, which we brought from Hungary when my son was a little baby, a little olive tree we brought from Corfu island (Greece), a yellow hibiscus, also brought from Greece, a little avocado tree, grown from the seed... along with many others seasonal flowering plants...

So, I decided, if I can't have an English garden, I can have at least an English Garden Blanket. Now, you can see how much love has been weaved into this blooming blanket.

The blanket is made of 100% cotton yarn "Tango" and "Tango color", 125m/50g from St. George (manufacturer from Serbia). It measures approximately 83 x 68 cm (32.5" x 26.5").

The English Garden Blanket is similar to my Victorian Flower Blanket. Actually, the first 4 rows are the same, but the blankets have different petals, and the last 2 rows are different, too. It seems to me that the English Garden Blanket is lighter, more transparent and has that appealing lacy charm. The borders are completely different, but I think that the English Garden Blanket border would look nice on Victorian Flower Blanket and vice versa.

For this blanket I used 3,5 mm crochet hook (USA - size E-4, UK - size 9). The pattern is written using U.S. crochet terms.

The English Garden Blanket pattern is very detailed with lots of step-by-step photographs. When I write a pattern, I always have in mind that not so long ago I was a complete beginner, not knowing anything about crochet... So I want my patterns to be clear and easy to follow. That's why this pattern has more than 90 step-by-step photographs, 5 crochet charts and several diagrams.

So, if you love English gardens too, and would like to have one in the form of a blanket, you can purchase this pattern in my shop.

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