Norwegian Forest Blanket Pattern

I named this blanket "Norwegian forest" because it reminds me of the pictures of beautiful and powerful Norwegian landscapes my friend sent me when she left to live in Norway. I was fascinated with that endless, icy and serene beauty... minimalistic but powerful!

The blanket measures approximately 86 x 86 cm (34" x 34") and it is consisted of 16 granny squares, (20 x 20 cm) joined with single crochet.

For this blanket I chose a yarn I have never worked with before. It's "Una" from St. George, 115m/50g, 55% acrylic, 40% cotton and 5% metalized polyester. The yarn is breath taking, streaked with silver threads, and I'm very sorry I didn't manage to show all that beauty in the pictures. The reason why these pictures don't reflect true beauty of this yarn is because I use only natural light for shooting, and these winter days are so dark and gloomy... Anyway, it was a real pleasure to work with this soft, amazing yarn.

I used 4 mm crochet hook (USA - size G-6, UK - size 8). The pattern is written using U.S. crochet terms.

Like all my patterns, this one is also very detailed. There are step-by-step instruction on how to make the square, as well as how to make the border, with more than 120 step-by-step photographs. I also made crochet charts for square and border, and there are written patterns for square and border, too. I hope that this pattern will be very easy to follow, because I wrote it having in mind that not so long ago I was an inexperienced crocheter (read: beginner) with absolutely no clue about crochet! I remember so well how I appreciated any detailed step-by-step tutorial which I was able to follow with my poor knowledge of crochet!

The pattern has 22 pages! Can you believe it?

The Norwegian Forest Blanket Pattern is now available in Dada's shop.

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