My 2015 in pictures

2015 was a good year. It left me with so much good memories. Not everything was great, though. There were some challenging moments. But, I'm very grateful. For good moments, and for not so good moments. It's easy to consider having a good life when only good things happen. But, the other things, those undesirable things which happen once in a while, are actually our best teachers. They force us forward. They show us how strong we are. Every time we ask ourselves this question: "Oh my God why is this happening to me?!" there is a lesson needed to be learned. And, I've learned a few lessons last year. Thank you 2015!

I made a lot of things in 2015. Let's start with blankets! I made 6 blankets!
1. Smitten blanket
2. Rainbow Lion Baby Blanket
3. Victorian Flower Baby Blanket

4. Guess How Much I Love You Baby Blanket
5. Little Lion Baby Blanket
6. Vintage Style Blanket

Bags. I made two tote bags, and I love them both!
1. Tote bag with crochet flowers
2. Victorian Flower Crochet Bag

As much as I love making scarfs, shawls and wraps, I love wearing them even more!
1. Yellow-Grey Scarf
2. Flowery Lace Scarf
3. Secret Garden Shawl
4. Japanese Lacy Shawl

I made only two cushions last year. Hope I will make more this year.
1. and 2. Japanese flower cushion

I love making colorful stuff!
1. Crochet Jug Covers
2. iPhone or cell phone pouch
3. Doilies which are actually jug covers

Hope that 2016 will bring me many good moments and not so many lessons needed to be learned!