Flowers + Lace = Scarf

For a long time, I had a picture of a flowery, airy, translucent scarf in my mind, so last month when I bought some pastel yarn, I sat down and started to play with the yarn... this is what came out of it.

This time, I didn't use "Tango" yarn, instead I used 100% cotton yarn "Golf", also from St. George - 125m/50g "Golf" yarn is a bit difficult to work with, because it has a tendency to split, but I really love Golf's color palette, even better than Tango's.

Now, I can't wait for autumn to arrive!

As soon as I finish tutorial for Victorian flower baby blanket, I will start to write tutorial for this scarf. Hope it will be finished sometime in October. Or November. Or December... Who knows... I've already have 2 new projects on my hook, and a couple of new ones in my head, so...