Victorian flower granny square

Yes, these are the same squares as those I used to make my tote bag from the previous post. Adding colors made such a huge difference. It really seems like another square.

I named it Victorian flower square, because it reminds me of romantic, English gardens from the last century...

I like when I have both color and texture in the same project, so, this is pretty enjoyable project so far.

The yarn I use in this project is 100% cotton yarn, my trusty "Tango" and "Golf" from St. George (manufacturer from Serbia).

Many of you asked me where you can buy this yarn, but unfortunately, St. George don't sell on line and you can buy their yarn only in Serbia (where I live) and in several neighboring countries. Which is sad, because they have really beautiful yarn.

I decided to make a pattern for this square, so, as soon as I finish this project (which will remain a little secret) I will start to make the tutorial.

That part is not so much fun as the crochet part, but, every time I work on another tutorial, I find it easier to do, and more enjoyable then the last time...

These flowers are part of my next project, another tote bag, this time, something totally different, colorful and blooming...

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