Primavera flowers baby blanket

It's finished! Finally! It took me 14 days to make this baby blanket. A lot of time. Of course I didn't crochet all day long, but still... My plan was to make 8 squares a day, and I stuck to the plan, but It took me more time then I expected to join them and make a border.

A border... It's a long story... I spent hours on Pinterest, in search of perfect border, and found some really pretty edges, but it seemed that no one wasn't suitable for this blanket. Then I decided to make the same border I made on my Primavera flowers pillow, but I wasn't happy with how it looked on the blanket. Something wasn't quite right. Then, I made a little change, added two rows before those bobbles, looked at it, and knew it was the perfect edge for my blanket. Then, it took me ages to finish the border...

I used 100% cotton yarn 125m / 50 gr from St. George. This time I used yarn called "Golf" (except for yellow and pink - they're "Tango", also from St. George) "Golf" is a little softer and silkier then "Tango", and I love that.

The blanket is composed of 80 squares just like my Teddy bear baby blanket (8 x 10) and it measures 86 x 70 cm. I joined squares with single crochet.

I'm willing to make free tutorial for this Primavera flowers square, so if you'd like me to do that, please let me know in the comments.

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