Teddy Bear Granny Square Baby Blanket

I've finally finished my Teddy Bear Baby Blanket! I'm quite happy how it turn out, especially because I have never made any blanket before. This one is the first!

And it certainly won't be the last. I love making blankets! I've already started one for my son a couple of months ago, and I've made 129 granny square already, 111 to go...

Hope to finish it until the 26th of April (his 13th birthday).

As I promised you before, I've just started to make the tutorial (my first ever) for Teddy Bear Granny Square. I also plan to add a crochet chart, so it will take me some time to do all of that, but I know that people who like crochet are patient... so it probably won't be a problem :)

The tutorial for very similar teddy bear blanket you can find here.

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