More crochet hearts

Do you remember these hearts? I have been really enjoying making them, so when last weekend I found the cutest yarn shop in my town, and bought a lot of yarn (I mean really a lot), I decided to made several hearts, just to try some of the yarn...

Also, in that previous post, I made one mistake. I wrote that tutorial for these hearts has been made by Jose. Although, she did really great job, she actually translated tutorial, which originally had been written in Dutch by Karin aan de haak, which you can find here. So, big thanks to Karin! :)

These are made of 100% cotton yarn which I adore to work with!

And these hearts are very tiny! Look how big the pin is. I have never been crocheting before with such a small hook, so it was really strange when I came back to my regular crochet hook. It seemed like I was holding a giant hook in my hand.

It's official! The autumn is here... I found these acorns yesterday while I was taking my dog for a walk in the park. When I saw them, I instantly new that they needed warm hats. So, I made some. Hope that they like their hats. I certainly do! Next time on my blog, cute little basket...