My crochet bag

Granny squares crochet bag No, this is not a pillow! Finally, I made something besides pillows. It's my first granny square crochet bag! :) Handmade crochet bag I tried some beautiful new multicolored 100 % cotton yarn, which I have never used before, and found it a bit difficult to combine colors... but since I love almost all shades of green and gray, I'm quite happy how it turned out. Crochet bag Now and again, I used Clare's trusty flower granny square :) which I've already used for my pillows. You can watch video tutorial here. Thank you Clare! And that little tree in the background, is my cute olive tree, which I brought this year from Corfu island (in Greece). Corfu is so gorgeous... I really enjoyed my time there :) In my next post, I'll show you the colorful African flower stars that I've just finished.