Crochet bunnies

Crochet bunnies Let me tell you something about these two guys. They like to hang (around) together, Amigurumi rabbits to read books (maybe a little too girlish sorts of books), Crochet rabbit to collect flat stones, Crochet bunnies to visit museums and galleries, and to talk about art... and (of course) about girls... Amigurumi bunnies They also, like all bunnies, have cute little tails. And they speak 5 languages! Each! They actually translated this post for me, so if they made some mistakes, or maybe some exaggerations, please forgive them, they're still only rabbits. If you'd like to made yourself such a pleasant and erudite companion, please visit Janette's lovely blog The Green dragonfly (love the name, by the way). Don't miss to visit this page. P.S. They certainly love being photographed.