African flower stars

stars... I'm a crochet junkie! Really. I could crochet all day long (if only I had time) ... play with yarn and colors... especially colors... and then, play with my camera... African flower stars I made three of those colorful African flower stars. One of them became my new pincushion. I gave my sister the other one (filled with lavender), and the third will probably decorate the Christmas tree (if in the meantime my son doesn't steal it) handmade star and flowers I would like to say super big "Thanks" to eliZZZa, who made this great tutorial (and many, many others) for the stars of this blog post. crochet decoration I've already started my next project (remember, I'm a crochet junkie), and in the next post, I will show you my work in progress, although I still don't know exactly what it will be... which is actually a part of the fun... :)